The perfect balance

Florin Manoliu, the winemaker, wanted a professional line of "carefully crafted" wines, dedicated especially to connoisseurs and experienced tasters, where the definition of "terroir" reaches its maximum potential.

The soil plays a very important role. It is rich in iron oxides and microelements and alternating layers of pebbles and gravel that allow good aeration. This causes the accumulation of tannins and aromatic compounds in the grapes.

The grapes used for Secrets Line have been carefully selected and harvested at full maturity, when the aromatic concentration reaches its peak.

The qualitative selection of grapes continues up to the grain-by-grain selection stage, therefore obtaining a must of exceptional quality.

The fermentation of the freshly obtained must is done, in the case of white and rose wines, at low temperatures between 14 and 16 Celsius degrees, a fact that favours the preservation of the primary grape aromas.

The wines obtained in this way are periodically aged for up to 6 months in oak barrels or stainless-steel containers.

As for the red wines, the fermentation operation is carried out at a controlled temperature of 24 Celsius degrees, accompanied by a pre and post maceration on the lees. The resulting wine is aged in stainless steel containers for 6-8 months, then in 225 litre French oak barrels for another 6-8 months.

Pandora Secrets Wines