The Premium wine line, a definition of winemaker Florin Manoliu's creation and excellence, where the definition of "terroir" reaches its maximum potential in every bottle.

The grapes were carefully picked and selected in three stages. The first stage started in the vineyard, where only fully healthy grapes were selected, followed by the second stage of manual selection on the vibrating selection lane. The third stage is the automatic selection, grain by grain. Therefore, only whole, completely healthy grains were vinified. The grapes have previously undergone maceration in the grain at a low temperature of 7-8 ℃, followed by further cold processing. The low processing temperature helps to extract the primary aromas of the variety.

In the case of white wines, they are fermented directly in oak at a controlled temperature, followed by a long maturation on fine yeast for about 12 months until bottling. This way, the wines acquire a fine and elegant structure. They undergo prolonged batonage on fine yeast (raising the yeast in the wine mass) for 9 months, a process followed by bottling.

In the case of red wines, the whole grains have undergone a cold pre-maceration for 7 days, followed by a fermentation - maceration on the skins for 10-14 days, at a controlled temperature. After finishing the alcoholic fermentation, the in-skin post-maceration period follows at a controlled temperature, during which the second fermentation, namely the malo-lactic fermentation, takes place. Following this fermentation, the wine acquires roundness, suppleness and elegance. The aging period in tank, in the case of red wines, can last between 6 and 12 months, followed by an aging in oak wood for up to 12 -14 months. After a period of six months from bottling, red wines are recommended to be sold.

Pandora Premium Wines