The Lifestyle wine line is intended for feminine elegance, a creation of winemaker Florin Manoliu that includes vibrant, elegant wines, characterized by intense, floral and fruity aromas, respecting the typicality of the grape varieties from which they come.

Being carefully selected grapes, their picking is planned only in the morning, until 10.00 - 11.00 o’clock, so that their processing is done as quickly as possible and at a low temperature. This processing procedure helps the extraction of the primary aromas of the variety to be greatly enhanced. They are seasonal wines, only white and rosé, where "fresh-flavored" becomes an unwritten rule and a "definition" that gives an distinctive value to the wines. We thus find fresh aromas of strawberry, raspberry, strawberry, in the case of rosés, but also the aroma of jasmine, field flowers, basil, cherry blossoms, in the case of white wines.

Pandora Lifestyle Wines